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Friday, 24 June 2011

Hack This Site Basic Mission 3 - hts Tutorial

     Well it's good that you are further interested in learn hacking, Let's move toward our next hacking basic challenge on that is Basic mission 3. You can also go there by clicking here. (requirements for this mission : Basic HTML knowledge) 

     Don't bother if you know nothing about HTML , Learn some basic HTML by clicking here & then see this tutorial you will surely can finish this challenge.


Step:1  Go to HTS Basic mission 3. And read the instruction carefully given over the mission.
Step:2  Instruction says that, sam uploaded a password file ,but this time its not a text file. Let's see what we get from the page source of the challenge.

Step:3  Open page source (CTRL + U or Right click > View Page Source).

Step:4  Find "password" in page source by using CTRL + F. See in below image.

Step:5  You will find that value for password input is .. value="password.php" that means password is stored in password.php in same directory.

Step:6 Now its very simple, go to & you will find the password.

Step:7 Input that password in mission page.  Mission is cleared hurray.


harvey turner said...

great help thanks now i know how to open .php thanks so much


yes but how were we ment to know the exact website of the password???

SDerailed said...

The PHP was a relative link. Thus look above and substitute index for the php location.

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